Energy and environment

Energy and environment


Energy has always been one of Monsud S.p.A.’s greatest priorities.

Since the mid-’90s,  it has widened its horizons, focusing on the world of renewable energy, especially wind, photovoltaic, thermodynamic solar power.

The Irpinia-based company has gradually specialised in the production and assembly of wind plants, creating turbine supports; photovoltaic plants, for which it can create turnkey structures.

Over time the company has also specialised in the production, supply and installation of metal structures for thermoelectric stations.

The main industrial brands in this field such as EdisonEni and Enelpower have availed themselves of Monsud S.p.A.’s expertise in the construction of many plants across Italy.

Monsud S.p.A. has a lot of consideration for environmental issues and has also been extremely active in reclaiming radioactive areas and creating plants for the incineration and composting of waste.

The increasing expertise of professionals at Monsud S.p.A. in the field of renewable energies has led to the creation of a special department that deals with analysing technical and administrative assignments, while complying with specific innovation, research and development in the scientific field and the related legal-juridical reforms.


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