Nuclear Decommisioning

Nuclear Decommisioning

MONSUD S.p.A. is a company with extensive experience in the field of decommissioning and was  involved in many activities for the decommissioning of Sogin nuclear sites.

MONSUD S.p.A is the first Italian Company to build a temporary building storage for radioactive waste in the Garigliano’ s river area (CE). Today Monsud is involved in construction of temporary building storage for radioactive waste in Saluggia – Eurex Plant (VC)

MONSUD is specialized in:

  • demolition of existing building
  • demolition and construction in controlled area
  • construction of structural civil works
  • execution of work plant (ventilation system, sprinkler system, drainage system, electrical system, radiological system, compressed air system)

The management and structural engineering basics are developed within the Company using technical software and human resources of a high  level and from prior specific studies and experiences in analogue situations.

Tests and supervision are acquired in the field by qualified  and experienced personnel.


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