Production Plants

Production Plants

The production of prefabs and sub-assemblies are developed by MONSUD in the following divisions:

Monsud’s Production Plant of Pianodardine – Avellino

It is located in Industrial zone of Avellino, where there are also the offices of the company. The production here is primarily devoted to tubular structures, polygonal poles in welded plate for overhead power lines and telecommunication sites.

It occupies a total area of 25.000 square metres: 14.000 square metres of industrial sheds distributed in: Production Warehouse extended for 4.000 square metres divided in three sections: equipment storage area for 1.500 square metres, a third storage area for 10.200 square metres and parking area for 12.000 square metres.

The production plant in which are produced pylons in a shell or double shell welded plate extends for 3 spans of 4000 sq. m. where there are:

  • 3 double-girder overhead traveling cranes DEMAG with remote command with max weight capacity of 25 tones.
  • internal meshes for compressed air and technical gases oxygen-propane-mix
  • cross-out shear SOMO, cutting angle adjustment blades of maximum ability of cut of  12 mm for 7,4 ms of length;
  • SOMO bending installation composed by n. 2 synchronized tandem presses, total workforce of 000 tonnses, total bending length 14.200 mm, groove of 1.500 mm; governed by system BOSCH synchronization system, regulatory framework of Plc distributed pressure: 140 tonnses for mt, variable width groove for fold in findings area and n. 5 synchronized  government databases.
  • Automatic thermal cutting machine and ESAB SUPRAREX SXE-P1 3500 cnc controlled NCE VISION LE high definition plasma cutting 16x 2,5 m, cutting capacity of 200mm, work table of 3 x 16 m with smoke extraction system.
  • CORIMPEX Welding machine for polygonal poles, wind turbines and tubes with MIG/MAG or SAW PLC process with parameters for welding pressure, with loading and discharging system and with pressers geometric shape
  • Automatic system with mobile carriage with ESAB articulated jib crane mounted on 24 m of rails for the submerged arc welding of double shell poles  with strong thickness and diameter greater than 830 mm
  • Internal laboratory for tests on materials equipped with machine for traction control Metrocom and Charpy pendulum for checking resilience


MONSUD’s Plant of Tufo (AV)

It occupies an industrial area of equipped 14.000 sq. m., of which the production plant covers an area of 6,000 sq.m.

This plant develops on 5 spans where 6 DOUBLE GIRDER BRIDGE CRANES of 10 Tonns, a central compressed air and chain gas distribution work. The plant has got CNC control manufacturing machines for long profiles:

  • 2 automatic lines of cutting, drilling and marking (model FICEP S.p.A. type 903 BD) with numerical control, with 7 simultaneous axs, maximum width 900 mm spindles no. 3, 2 whose axs are horizontal and 1 vertical axis maximum length of processing 16 m
  • 2 automatic lines for the processing of angular (FICEP MODEL A16.34.nt), units of government in 3 axs controlled maximum Punching capacity KN 2800;
  • 2 Automatic center combined implants FICEP CNC P401 for punching drilling and marking of thick steel plate, automatic change of the tools, CNC control Bosch, work table 1500X2000 more resumed;
  • Cross-out shear for a maximum capacity of cut R51, 15×4000 mm;
  • Nibbler Press for the shearing of profiles and steel sheets;
  • hydraulic modular prisms bending press, numerical control CIBELEC, maximum light 4000 mm., maximum force 200 tonns;
  • automatic machine for cutting thermal gas oxiggeno and air plasma CNC NCE 520, ESAB COMBIREX model CXE-P 4000 for cutting capacity maximum thickness 200mm working table 3 x 16 m equipped with fume extraction system;
  • automatic plants for MIG welding SAW with flag manipulator, ESAB with movable arm, model MMP 3 x 3 crane; equipped with wagon towed 18 m rotary table 2 tonns motorized positioners and oscillating from 40 Tonns n 10 pairs;
  • 14 Stations of the continuous wire MIG welding ;
  • static and rotary welding machines up to 1000 amperes, pedestal drills, hole diameter up to 62 mm.;
  • cut sections, to punch a hydraulic operation manual;
  • circular saws and tape for beams and angular, straight cut and inclined;
  • lathes and milling machines to support the production of carpentry
  • plant; blasting shot blasting/mod. OMSG – lauco 250NS8;
  • painting plant cab-oven for painting metal carpentry.

MONSUD’s Plant of Tufo is equipped with a laboratory- test, and has the following equipment:

  • universal machine of the mechanical test GALDABINI SUN 60 with software for the conduct, simulation and registration of traction tests max 60 Tonns;
  • electronic Pendulum Hammer for the execution of tests of resilience with digital reading;
  • Machine for hardness INDENTEC model 281 AED LK ROCKWELL &AMP semiautomatic; ROCKWELL automatic;
  • ultrasound generator PANAMETRICS EPOCH WITH PROBE MODEL 2400;
  • magnetic yoke CGM YOKE 48 V;
  • ELCOMETER feeler gauge for measuring and testing of surface coatings.


The Plant of Montemiletto (AV)

The plant inaugurated in May 2005, is located in an industrial area of 22.000 sq. m of which 5.000 sq.m are destined to the production and warehouse, while the external area is equipped and asphalt for the deposit of large artifacts;

The establishment is divided on two long spans (120 m wide and 42 m in length) where there are bridge cranes DEMAG 25 tonns (n. 2 For span) and group producing compressed air from 30 liters min at 12 bar; the production facilities are:

  • Automatic plant CORIMPEX for assembling and welding of the beams characterized by two sealing heads SAW MIG Lincoln v from 1500 KVA besides islands appended to the drilling operations;
  • Automatic line for punching, cutting and marking of angular thick FICEP 26/34 with automatic loading and unloading in line;
  • 4 rolls Bending calender MG shims 40 mm to 3000 mm in length with dependencies for the loading and unloading of the plates and tubes;
  • welding robot KUKA model RVL20-6 with an air travel of 13 meters

There are, at the moment, works in progress for the enlargement of the shed