Monsud S.p.A.

Engineering and technologies for energy and environment

Our Services

Civil and industrial construction:

The company has a long experience in reinforced concrete as well as steel carpentry. The steel carpentry manufacturing is carried out in the 3 workshops fully equipped with CNC machine for beams, plates and welding procedures.

Industrial plants:

Chemical and petrochemical, oil & gas, glass industry, mechanical equipment, piping, tanks, pressure vessels..

Renewable energy:

Waste treatment plant, photovoltaic plant, wind towers. The Company built more than 2.000 wind towers  with turbine, plants for biogas, biomethane and waste-to-energy  plants up to 50MW.

Nuclear plants:

Decommissioning activity in nuclear Italian plants for Sogin Company. More than 5 storage site for low, medium and high radioactivity waste. Tanks and casks for nuclear waste. New plants for nuclear fusion test on ITER site of Cadarache: Tokamak Assembly Preparation Building (TAPB) and Tender Batch 13 (TB13).


In the 3 workshops owned by the Company, Monsud develops the production of 10.000 Ton/year of trussed and tubular towers for electric transmission and telecommunication.


Shaping the future

Monsud started its activities in 1979, when eng. Domenico Pierni founded the company with his family with the intention to become the south Italy reference in steel work and plant construction, especially after the earthquake of 1980 in Irpinia (Italy).

His wishes had success, and Monsud quickly became the appreciated company of today in the sector of steel manufacturing and a steady and professional partner.

During the last 30 years the company also achieved great experience and knowledge in energy production sector: gas powerplants, wind turbines, biomass plants, as far as nuclear fusion.

Thanks to Monsud, the new generation of southern Italy will finally have the opportunity to remain in its country to study and develop the best of future technologies.


Monsud team will be proud and able to give any solution to your project.

The team is experienced in:

  • renewable energy as wind stations, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, solar and biomass power plants;
  • nuclear power plants (commissioning and decommissioning);
  • waste treatment plants;

Our mission is helping investors and owners in the energy production and transmission. We design and produce every item in the project, from excavation and foundation building, pipe rack, air condensers, pipe connection boilers, electric and logic greed, water and steam line, pumps, joints and supports…

Years Established

Completed Projects

We designe the Future and realize the Present!


MONSUD S.p.A. is a construction company, founded in 1979 by engineer Domenico Pierni and still entirely owned by his family through the holding CD ITALIA s.r.l. located in MILAN (CORPORATE STRUCTURE).

What do we do

Thanks to the great number of contracts it has won in the public as well as in the private sector, Monsud S.p.A. has tied its name to major civil and industrial works, imposing itself as a leading company in the field of civil and industrial construction.

We design the Future

Each engineering project is supported by the latest software for 3D modelling, for structural estimates and for building modelling, including Tecnosap, ProSap, Tekla Structures, PLS POLES, PROSAP, STEEL CONNECTION and Tecnometal 4D.

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 Years

During the last 20 years the company also achieved great experience and knowledge in energy production sector: gas powerplants, wind turbines, biomass plants, as far as nuclear fusion.