Design of production

Monsud has always invested most of the resources in the creation of a technical office whose watchword is passion.

About Monsud


The natural consequence was the definition of a constant and deep Research and Development campaign.

To date, Monsud is able to optimize manufacturing processes and offer high quality products thanks to the latest generation of CAD /CAM software and innovative methodologies developed internally.

The 3D design is entrusted to the SOLIDWORKS and Tekla CAD while the definition of the process is developed and optimized through the OPENMIND HYPERMILL software.

The main clients and their multi-year trust in Monsud, its strength as a leading company at the national and international level in several fields.

More specifically, as a General Contractor, Monsud S.p.A. works on each project from its planning stages to its implementation, guaranteeing a top quality service in the provision of products and services.

Our experience in the planning, production and installation stages of metal structures for civil, industrial buildings, bridges, aqueducts and plants for the production of alternative Energy makes Monsud S.p.A. a leading company in its field.

All elements produced by Monsud are bolted and soldered, with a productive capacity amounting to 1.500/2.000 tonnes a month and a handling/payload capacity amounting to 50 tonnes, as well as strong assembly equipment such as telescopic breakdown lorries with a 300-tonne capacity.

The company can rely on a homologated quality system, appreciated by major European clients, constantly working to improve products.

To this purpose we also work masterfully and safely to guarantee complete safety and to zero all risks of accidents in building sites

MONSUD mainly works in the following sectors:

  • Great infrastructure: roads, bridges, viaducts, service buildings, airports, railway system.
  • Industrial, nuclear, glass plants: turbogas plants, biomass, wind, solar plants, concentrated-solar, chemical, petrochemical plants, nuclear decommissioning.
  • Waste processing: composting plants and waste-to-energy plants.
  • Telecommunication and energy transportation plants: polygonal supports and frameworks for telecommunication and for the transmission of electricity.
  • Engineering industry: subsidiary company production plant MONSUD S.p.A. produces heavy metalwork for plants at the factories located in Tufo and Montemiletto.
  • Engineering works: for each sector there are highly specialised resources, cutting-edge, top quality hardware and software structures and a long, well-documented experience in all related fields.